We like to think at Tuckwell's, we have developed a business which prides itself on a great team comprising of individuals that we feel privileged to have on board. In turn, we like to treat our employees well.

One of our four key missions is to provide a supportive environment, encouraging development, listening to opinion and rewarding success we will aim to gain the loyalty and respect of our staff making us the NUMBER ONE EMPLOYER IN OUR INDUSTRY WITH A FULLY ENGAGED WORKFORCE.

Annually, we provide our employees with the chance to earn a bonus. This is based on our profit, and the decision is largely based on your input into our business. We find it an important part of encouraging hard work, and ensuring that you reap the benefits.

Generous staff discounts are provided for all of the products that we sell, including machinery and country clothing.

We aim to provide our staff with excellent training, which continues throughout your career at Tuckwell's. We hold training days for all of our depots, opportunities to meet your colleagues and learn new skills as part of a fun day.

Amongst these perks, we offer healthcare and a pension scheme.

As a family, Tuckwell's make a conscious effort to treat our staff well, which we feel contributes to our excellent staff retention rate.
  • Our sales team at a training day in Duxford this Spring.
    Our sales team at a training day in Duxford this Spring.
  • The Ardleigh Team
    The Ardleigh Team
  • Maulden Team 2014
    Maulden Team 2014
  • Worlingworth Team 2014
    Worlingworth Team 2014
  • Staff Summer Party
    Staff Summer Party