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WD-40 Specialist fast release penetrant works quickly to loosen corroded fasteners and stuck parts. Thanks to the capillary action it quickly penetrates into tight crevices. Threads and seams to break the bonds that hold stuck parts together. WD-40 Specialist fast release penetrant also helps to prevent further rust and corrosion.

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  • Dual action smart straw applicator for wide area and precision spray applications
  • Quickly penetrates rusted and corroded parts
  • Loosens seized fixings
  • Lubricates and prevents rust and corrosion
  • Highly water resistant
  • Very low surface tension to penetrate rust
  • Safe on metals, alloys, rubber, plastics and most paints
  • Temperature range: -20ºC to +90ºC
Nuts, locks, bolts, chains, bearings, pulleys, pipes, conveyors, shafts, tools and fittings
Consists of
Technical information
NSF H2 Registered #145375
Nozzle type
Smart straw
0.4 kg
0.4 ml
Working temperature range
-20-90 °C
Min. processing temperature
-20 °C
Max. processing temperature
90 °C

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