Electrical terminal assortment x 50

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Manufacturer: John Deere

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Contains a selection of 50 crimp type terminals
covering the popular types in:
– 4 x Yellow 8mm eyelets
– 2 x Blue Butt terminals
– 2 x Blue 6mm eyelets
– 2 x Red 5mm eyelets
– 3 x Red male Bullet
– 3 x Red female Bullet
– 4 x Blue male Bullet
– 4 x Blue female Bullet
– 3 x Red Piggy back
– 3 x Blue Piggy back
– 2 x Blue fork terminals
– 2 x Red fork terminals
– 3 x Red male Lucar
– 4 x Blue male Lucar
– 4 x Blue female Lucar un-sleeved
– 3 x Red female Lucar un-sleeved
– 2 x Yellow fork terminals
– Red – conductor size 0.5 – 1.5mm² / 22-16 awg
– Blue – conductor size 1.5 – 2.5mm² / 16-14 awg
– Yellow – conductor size 4.0 – 6.0mm² / 12-10 awg
The pre insulated terminals that have an anti
vibration ring (copper) are as follows: male, female,
piggy backs, bullets, receptacles.
Contents sizes may vary.

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